Getting participant join info and email in a user managed app

We currently have an app that is an account level app which gives us access to API endpoints to create a meeting and then get a report of all participants e.g. their email, join and leave info etc.

However we need to move to a user managed app since account level apps require admin permissions that our customers are not keen to give.

How do I make sure I can still get detailed participant info, specially join and leave times and email in a user managed app?

Hi @salman

Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community, I am happy to help here!

You will need to make sure that the users that install your app, have the right license to be able to call certain endpoints (it looks like you are calling Dashboard and reports which normally requiere a Pro license)

Hi Elisa,

Assuming the users of my User Managed App have a Pro License, will I be able to call the reports endpoints on their behalf?

Hey @salman
Yes, your app will be able to call the reports endpoint on their behalf.

Will the report include the emails of the participants? That is my primary concern. We need the email of the participants. We know that all the participants will belong to the same domain/org.

Hey @Salman,

You will be able to see the participants email if they are registered to the meetings or if they are logged into their Zoom accounts. Learn more about that here:

Thanks Elisa. Want to further confirm that the following endpoint would be available via User Managed Apps since it requires an admin scope.

The following forum post suggested otherwise

Hi @salman
Right, apologize for the miscommunication.
So all the dashboard and report endpoints, require an admin scope.

But for your use case (user-level app), you can try with the Get past meeting participants endpoint

But I need more detailed information e.g. when they joined and left the meeting.

I understand, but those endpoints are only available with admin scopes.

Is there a workaround to get them, maybe something via webhooks?

Hi @salman
We do have a couple of webhooks that can help you doing so:

This could actually be a good idea!