Can user access meeting participants IDs and user contacts in app

I have 2 questions while developing our zoom app:

  1. Is there Zoom Apps SDK API in meeting for user who is not the host of the meeting to get meeting participant’s UUIDs list for sending app invitation?
    (We need to send invitation from our app internally (for different use cases) instead of standard zoom client participant selection dialog window)

  2. Is there a Zoom Apps SDK API or Zoom REST API (if we have access to it from zoom apps) through which we can get current user’s contacts when app is running both in meeting and in main client contexts.

Hi @narek ,

No this is not available. The participants, unless they’re app admin and this is a part of the app’s scopes, do not have scoped access to this info.

No this is not available.


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HI @gianni.zoom,
Thank you for your response.