Access oAuth token after successful Ionic Cordova login

I am building a phone app. Zoom will be integrated into the app using Zoom Ionic SDK.

I am successfully logging the user into Zoom with their un/pw as per the Ionic sample app. I also have functional video conferencing of the logged in zoom user.

Now I would like to use the Zoom API to retrieve a list of meeting details for all meetings owned by the logged in zoom user. To do this I need an oAuth token.

The Zoom Ionic SDK does not expose the oAuth token that I can see.

How to retrieve the oAuth token such that I make make API calls on behalf of the logged in user from my phone app?

Hey @mmichaelis0812!

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The SDK’s and API do not share tokens with one another. As in, logging into Zoom through the SDK, cannot tell the API that the user is authenticated.

I believe that this:

Is possible, but I am not an API expert. The folks in the API section of the developer section are experts and should be able to guide you in the right direction there :slight_smile: