Retrieve User's Meetings after SDK login

Zoom User is logging in using Cordova SDK. I would like to retrieve a list of the user’s meetings and individual meeting details. How can this be acomplished?


Hi @mikkimichaelis ,

Have you had a chance to check out our GET User endpoint?

You can query the user’s details using the endpoint above, and you can query the user’s meetings using this endpoint:

Let me know if this helps!


I’m aware of the necessary api calls. The problem is after the user logs into Zoom using the Cordova SDK I do no have access to the oAuth tokens to make any subsequent API calls.

Hey @mikkimichaelis,

It sounds like your users have their own individual Zoom accounts, is that right? If so, you’re correct that OAuth will be necessary.

To clarify, are these users authorizing an OAuth App you have developed, or is this application using a separate set of OAuth credentials? In order to authenticate requests to our APIs using OAuth, you will need these users to authorize an app that you own.

Let me know—thanks,

Correct, Users of my app will have their own Zoom Accounts. Within my app a user has the option to perform Zoom oAuth user login via the Cordova SDK

This works as expected and the Zoom user of my app may join meetings via the Cordova API.

However, I would now like my app to access the Zoom API directly on behalf of the user, and say retrieve a list of the users scheduled meetings.

All I am missing is the ability to retrieve the oAuth credentials within the cordova plugin to be able to make the api call.

Thanks for your help

Hi @mikkimichaelis,

Thank you for clarifying—while I believe it should be possible to retrieve OAuth credentials from the cordoba plugin in our Ionic SDK, this question will be best suited for that channel. Can you please post in this thread?: #client-mobile-sdk:ionic


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