Non login user - host meeting - userID, Accesstoken, ZoomAccessToken (ZAK)

I have implemented the ZOOM sdk for IONIC Framework, Now to host a meeting for a non login user, the app needs
zoomToken, zoomAccessToken, userId. I wanted to know if there is any way, I can get the zoomtoken, zoom accesstoken and user id, by calling the ZOOM APIs directly from the app itself?

Hi @neerajs,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. You need to retrieve these values from Zoom REST API:

You could follow the instruction here to authenticate with Zoom REST API, and then make HTTP request to get the above info. You may also find more details here:

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Thank you for the response. I was confused whether the above calls to the REST API have to be through the app or through the server side implementation. Since the link here states the following -

All Zoom OAuth and API endpoints must be called from the server side of your application. If called from the client side, CORS errors will be thrown.

Correct me if I am wrong,
I have set up a JWT Authentication app, on the zoom market place. I have the API secret, API key and JWT Token, now I am using this link - to generate my user token. I am passing my email as the parameter. In return i get a token.

Now In my app, I am I am sending the received token as “zoomToken”, the JWT token as “zoomAccessToken” and my email as “userId”, on passing these as params to startMeetingWithZak(), I get the error meeting number cannot be empty.

How do I get the meeting number, displayName?
Also, If you can tell me what is the difference between zoomToken and zoomAccessToken?

@ Carson_Chen Kindly update me on this one.

Hi @neerajs,

Thanks for the reply and pardon the late response.

This is totally correct. And for zoom access token, you are getting it from the same API: but with different parameter: type=zak;

Once you have the zoom token, the zoom access token, the userID(Your email address), you will also need to schedule a meeting before passing them to startMeetingWithZak interface. This interface is to start a pre-scheduled meeting so if you do not pass meeting number, it will return the error you are getting.

The zoom token and zoom access token are 2 tokens that are related to your user account, and the combination of them add extra layer of security.

Hope this helps. Thanks!