Access restricted 200 error while adding zoom event to google calendar

Why do I get this error when I click on “Add to Google Calendar” in a zoom webinar confirmation email?

Hi @mcp111, this error may be coming from Google Calendar, not Zoom. Can you share a screenshot or copy of the error?

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This issue is still active and prevents webinar attendees to save zoom conference in google calendar.

and for Outlook calendar message is “Not meeting host. (3,003)”

@pavel.veinik can you show a screenshot of this error? I do not believe this is a Zoom error code.

Hello – I can confirm that this bug is happening on our end as well, and it looks to be the result of the Zoom Scheduler Chrome extension. When this extension is disabled, the bug does not occur.

When the extension is enabled, and an event is added to Google Calendar which contains a “” URL in the description or location, this is the error:


An important note: this does not affect the saving of the Google Calendar event, which does appear in the calendar at the correct date and time. It’s just an error.

Hey @erikmackinnon,

I have experienced this same bug myself. Although annoying it does not break any functionality.

I will bring this up to the Zoom Google Calendar integration team to help fix. (ZOOM-171255)


Is this resolved? our user still has this error when try to access webinar

Is there some setting we can make on zoom meeting setting to prevent this

“Access restricted, no privilege to do this action. (200)”

Hey @becky,

Can you share steps to reproduce the issue and screenshots?


Hi there, I am having this same issue and we are about to run a major launch event over Zoom and we urgently need this functionality to work for our invited participants.

Screenshots below:

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Another image below:

Screen Shot 2020-08-07 at 11.54.33 am

Hey @CicadaInnovations,

Please reach out to for this issue.


Did anyone get any response / solution? Connect to Zoom customer service is impossible. I really need to fix this immediately.


Hi @ihernandez.cevallos,

While will continue to be best for providing updates on this, I can confirm that our team is aware of this issue and looking into it. (ZOOM-171255).


I have the same problem as CicadaInnovations.
I leaved a ticket, But no body answers!

Hey @it19,

What is your ticket number? Happy to look into the status of the ticket for you. :slight_smile:


Hello! I’m seeing this error message: Access restricted, no privilege to do this action. (200)

Have we figured out a resolution?

Hey @mariabria18,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. Please submit a new topic for this and be sure to fill out the post template so that we have enough information to help.