Access to Full Call Logs (via portal and/or API)

For Zoom customers using the telephony feature there is currently a report within the portal to access logs for successfully connected calls. However, as we use Zoom as a service provider for our business, we would also like to see logs for all dial-out attempts (and any other telephony-related events), even if not connected. Zoom support has stated that this information does exist in “the database”, but is not currently exposed to customers in any way. Would it be possible to enhance the portal report (or create a new report) with this info and/or add an API route to retrieve this info for a specific meeting? Thanks for your consideration of this feature request.

This feature could be useful, but I would have concerns about the privacy of an API like this one. Saying that, can you tell me exactly what data you would be looking for and I can run this past our dev team to see if they think it would be possible. 

The main piece of information we’d like is host dial-out attempts for all successful AND unsuccessful connections. Info could include meeting id, date/time, number dialed, etc. We’ve had situations where the participant claims they did not receive a call from the host at the correct time, but the host insists that the call was placed. We’d like this info to determine what happened.

Got ya. 


Ok, this will need to be a feature request and I will submit this. This will need to be worked into other priorities so I cannot guarantee any sort of timeline.