call log


Zoom team - I just saw the call log feature in the latest update - you made my life easier - 



Glad to hear that Scott!



hi , where can i see the call log.


Where can I find the Call Log? I’ve looked for it everywhere.



You can log into our developer site then go here - 



How do I see this if I’m just a pro user and can’t be made a developer (apparently) because I’m neither the account owner nor an admin?


Hi Joseph, 

You will need to have a developer account to see the call logs. 



I am attempting to enable the developer account (to see the call log), but it is failing.  The button just hangs on Processing....  Javascript console outputs a few errors when the button is clicked, butI would not think that is related.   A refresh of the page starts from scratch.  Please advise.




Hi John, 

We’re reported this to our Engineer team, and will follow back with you as soon as we find a workaround. 




Any updates on retroactively getting access to call logs?


Hi Alex, 

Are you not able to get access to the call logs from our developer site - ?


@Michael.  I have access now, but no data in the logs.


Hi John, 

Do you know the time when you made your last API call using that account? I want to take a look to see if our logging system is taking some time to display your calls.