Access to the InterpretationLanguage class method with the electron sdk ? Any doc?

Im currently trying to use your SDK : GitHub - zoom/zoom-sdk-electron: Zoom Electron SDK

I would like to access to the methods related to :

However, when using the SDK I don’t see any easy way to access to any of these methods.
For example let’s say I want to fire getAvailableLanguageList how could I do that?

My final goal is : when the user is an interpreter, I would like to be able to switch between the languages he is interpreting to.
if the interpreted languages are: English and Chinese. I want to programmatically be able to choose either English or Chinese.

I also checked the SDK reference:,But I cannot find anything related to the interpretation feature. Despite the fact I can see theses methods in the file /zoom-sdk-electron-


Which Desktop Meeting SDK version?

  • zoom-electron-sdk : 5.7.6
    Knowing the version can help us to identify your issue faster.

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  4. See error

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