Accessing Developer Account (Keeps Redirecting)


I’m hoping this is a temporary issue, it’s driving me insane.

When I try to access my apps, I keep getting redirected back to the marketplace . zoom . us home page.

If I try to access marketplace . zoom . us / user/build it redirects back to
If I try to access marketplace . zoom . us/develop/create?source=devdocs it redirects back to marketplace . zoom . us

If on the home page I try to go to “Develop” > “View App Types”, it just redirects me back to marketplace . zoom . us home page.

Both “Sign Up” and “Sign In” buttons are active in the top left.
If I’m already signed in to my normal zoom . us/account/ clicking “Sign In” simply redirects me back to marketplace . zoom . us home page, again.

If I sign out of Zoom . us, and try to Sign in via marketplace . zoom . us - it logs me in, then redirects me, you guessed it, back to marketplace . zoom . us.

I’m accessing via Google Chrome Version 97.0.4692.99 (Official Build) (x86_64) on MacOS BigSur.
If I access via Google Chrome in a fresh incognito window, it does the same.
If I clear cache, same behaviour.
If I try via Firefox or Safari (fresh profile, never signed in, same behaviour).

If I try a different connect, e.g. mobile hotspot, or access via my VPN, in any combination of the above, same behaviour.

Am I losing my mind?

I have a number of Webhook subscriptions and I need to update their endpoints but I can’t get in!

Weirdly, I could access it successfully yesterday, and temporarily only a couple of hours ago.

PS sorry for the weirdly spaced URL examples - it’s not letting me post URLs as a new user :expressionless:

Work around suggested here:

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Hi @PaulDev !
Im happy to hear that you were able to solve this issue! I have heard some people that have been solving this issue by clearing the browsers cache.

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