Accessing Past Meetings/Participants Details (Post JWT Migration)

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We are currently in the process of implementing changes to migrate our Sub Account JWT apps to Server-to-Server OAuth apps. However, we are unable to get details of previously created Meetings and any Participant data created with the JWT app through Postman using the new app bearer token. Is Zoom providing any support to pull this historical data?

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“code”: 3001,
“message”: “Meeting does not exist: {MeetingId}.”
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Make a request through Postman with the Server-to-Server OAuth Bearer token, generated from our CTU_INT_OAuth app with the appropriate scopes.

Hi @kupadhyaya
Thanks for reaching out to us.
This is interesting, you should be able to access old data with the Server to Server Oauth app since this is an account-level app/

Hi Elisa,

We have nine Sub Accounts under our Master Account, currently trying to access older meetings and participant data with our CTU_INT_OAuth
Sub Account app, but we are not able to pull any of this data. Is there any other documentation or suggestions as far as making this work?


Are you able to create apps for each sub account?

Yes, we have two created, configured and activated for our Integration Environment so far. We are able to do the initial CRC validation for them as well.

so even with the Server to server apps created for each subaccounts, you are not able to get past meetings associated with the subaccount?


One of the team members realized that the “Server-to-Server OAuth App” setting under Advanced Features of the Account was not enabled for View and Edit Permissions, based on a previous Zoom post found from you. These permissions were updated/enabled.
Also, the testing team had removed previous meetings and users data from the non-prod accounts, which is normal practice after non-prod database refresh that occurs post prod release. After new Meetings were created with some recordings today, the API calls so far seem to be working from Postman.


Amazing news @kupadhyaya
Happy to hear you were able to troubleshoot this issue and thanks for sharing your findings with the community!
Feel free to reach out back to us in the future if needed.

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