Accessing 'Video Preview' in Client View


I am working with the websdk, version 2.14.0 and want to access the ‘Video Preview’ screen.
Precisely I have a web application where participants (never the host!) of meetings can join an existing meeting.

Now I want to ensure that e.g. the “join Button” is only clickable when the meeting was started by the host and is present. I may also want to display a custom message while this is not the case (think of “hang in there, the meeting is starting soon!” or similar.)

Here is the screen I’m talking about and the corresponding code taken from the meeting-sdk example.

Can I access the html within the ZoomMtg.init() but before the ZoomMtg.join()? How far can I alter the template for this screen?

I suppose I can somehow search for dom elements (if so, please guide me through!), however is there a nicer way to do that?

Feel free to also link me previous posts covering this topic, I’ve searched for them without success.

Thanks in Advance!

Today I learned: This is already a thing, thanks for that feature!

Follow-up question: Is there a way to access/diable this “Back” Button?
When clicking it, we get returned to the leaveUrl, in my case this is an issue and I either want a loading spinner or a return button that takes us back to the “Video Preview” screen. Is there anything alike I can use?


@balzer.robin ,

Currently, there is no feature available with that functionality. However, you can use CSS to disable or enable the button depending on whether the meeting has started or not. Another option is to enable the waiting room, which will keep guests in the waiting room until the meeting begins. Here’s our support documentation on the custom waiting feature.

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