Account-Level OAuth App to Authenticate Non-Admin Users

I am creating an app that an admin would approve to give me access to the account’s data … mostly just all the users within the account, and any current meetings.

I would also like to use Zoom OAuth to authenticate users, so they can use my website to view the other users in their account.

For this, I’ve setup an account-level OAuth app to retrieve the account level data.

The account-level OAuth app does not work for OAuth to authenticate users. All non-admin users who try to install the app get a permission denied error because they are not admins on the account.

Is there a way to authenticate the non-admin users using an account-level OAuth app? Or is there a way to have the account-level app automatically approved for non-admin users?

Hey @martin.laritz,

You are talking about two different flows here, so you will need two different OAuth apps.

  1. Account Level OAuth app for admins to authorize your use of their data.

  2. User Level OAuth App for each Zoom user to OAuth on your website.


Thanks @tommy !

That’s exactly how we submitted the apps, 2 different: one account-level for backend, and one user-level for authentication and reading the user data (to validate their accounts have access).

Our last review was rejected because we had the 2 apps, and they told us to consolidate them into 1 app, but I’ve not been able to figure out how. Any tips on how I can get both of these published?

Thanks again!

Hey @martin.laritz,

Is it possible to redesign your flow so you only use one type of OAuth app?

If you want each individual user to be able to connect their Zoom accounts to your app, I would suggest using a User Level OAuth App.