Two oauth apps: user-level and account-level


I’m building an oauth app that can be used by an organization or by just a single user. If it’s used by an organization, I want to make only the organization owner/admin need to connect their Org’s zoom account to be able to let my app manage all users in their zoom account. I know I can accomplish that with an account-level app.

But, I still want my app to be used by just a single user that is not a Zoom account admin. However I think that would require a user-level app. Am I correct? Would the account-level app work with users that are not admins?

In this scenario, do I need to build 2 apps? One user-level and one account-level?

Hi @lucas1

That is actually a great question! I am happy to help shedding some more light here!
So it might sound like you could just build an account level app BUT as you were assuming, account-level apps will only work with admins, so if there are users that belong to a specific Zoom account that do not have Admin Role and want to install an app that is Account-level, it wont be possible.

Hope this helps,

Thanks for the response @elisa.zoom!

Well, then I’ll have to go with two oauth apps. The problem now is: how should I name them? Both apps will appear in the Zoom App Marketplace right? Should it be something like “my app name” for regular users and “my app name (for admins)” for admins? Do you have any knowledge on what would be the least confusing for the customers?

Also, I noticed that I can’t change the Oauth app name after I create it. If I want to change an app’s name, how can I do it?

Hi @lucas1

Of course! allow me some time to gather more information on this and I will come back to you with an update.

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