Account level server-to-server app unable to add room:master

I have a server-to-server OAuth app that shows in the app marketplace as “Account Level” and when I try to add the scopes for “room:read:master”, “room:master” and “room:write:master”, they do not show up. The “room” category doesn’t show up at all.

I saw another article that stated the app needed to be created as an account level app but I see that label on my app, so I think I’m ok.

What else do I need to look at to get “room” to show up?


1] Do you have Zoom Rooms available? If yes
2] Can you confirm you have the corresponding Zoom Rooms permissions in your account ?

I found that the problem was that we were using the “Zoom Room Master Account” set of Zoom Room APIs when we do not have a master/sub-account type of account. That’s why the “master” scope items were not visible. We switched to the correct set of Zoom Room APIs and everything is working now.

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