Master Scopes missing with Server to Server OAuth

We’re switching our App from OAuth to Server-to-Server OAuth but I noticed that all of the master scopes are missing that I was able to add with OAuth and API calls are failing because its missing things like user:master.

Do I need specific access under my account or are master scopes not supported by Server-toServer OAuth?

@nbecirovic The scopes in server to server OAuth mirror the permissions in your account. You are missing the master scopes because you do not have the relevant permissions in your account. Please have an admin give you the relevant permissions in your account, inorder to see those scopes

i have the same problem, and i´m ADMINISTRATOR account.

@mmreyes do you have master account sub account structure(A Brief Look at Zoom Account Structures | by Tim Slagle | Zoom Developer Blog | Medium) ?

If not then only the account owner will see the master scopes

i have the admins account and i am making request using it but still i am not getting the master scope. I am able to add the scope and even in the access token i am getting all the scopes required but when i am making call to api endpoint it gives error. ‘Invalid access token, does not contain scopes:[meeting:read:summary:master].’ please help resolve the issue