Account-level vs user-level oauth app

I want to allow the individual users in my web application to be able to create new scheduled meetings whenever they want from within my web application.

Which oauth app should I use in this case? Account-level or user-level? It is really confusing.

@bmartin Hope you will be fine. For individual users select user-level.

I have another question. Users under the same account would need to authorize the app individually if it’s a user-managed app. If it’s an account-level app, then an admin or owner could authorize an app on behalf of all users under the account.

In the user-managed app, we use the access token of that user who authorized the app. But in the account-level app, do we use the admin’s access token only? If admin “Alex” authorized the app on behalf all users under the account, and then a user “John” who is not the admin of the account, wants to create a new meeting, do we use Alex’s tokens or John’s tokens? How do we get John’s if the app has already been authorized by Alex?

@bmartin, You need to set John’s email or userId to meeting create endpoint → /users/{JohnUserId or JohnEmail}/meetings.