Acess user's information in different Zoom's acount with out user login

I have an app to organize calendar and create business meetings online. I want to create a Zoom account level app in my Zoom account that my clients’ zoom account admins must install so my clients’ users can create Zoom API meeting without having to log in to zoom to do so .

I created a OAuth App, but the user must login before.

How I can be access to create meetings by Zoom API to users of the my clients in different Zoom’s acount with out user login?

Hi @ailtonb

Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!

If you want your app to schedule meetings on behalf of other users (who do not belong to your account) you will need to create an OAuth User Level App.

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Thanks @elisa.zoom
I trying solve my problem using OAuth App because this app allow permissons to create or read user’s meetings. But this case it will be necessary to ask the user to log in to Zoom to a get the autorization.

I need to create meetings without asking the user for permissions, will be Server-to-Server, I need that after the admin installs my OAuth app the users don’t need to login to allow the creation, but I didn’t find how to do that.

I think it will be necessary for each client to create a JWT APP and pass me the keys for my Server-to-server application to create the meetings.

Hi @ailtonb

Thanks for the update on this issue. I understand what you are saying but specifically for your app to create meetings on behalf of someone else, an OAuth app is needed.

Requesting credentials from each client will expose all their data to you and will be a security issue.

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