A way to create meetings via API with Zoom account only

Is there are any way for a Zoom user to create meetings via API, but without a marketplace app?
We would like to have a functionality in our website to redirect existing Zoom users to an API where
they could schedule meetings with their clients using their account. So far it looks like it is not possible without an app.

OAuth app alows to create meeting for users or schedule_for meetings for users who are added to the account already.
JWT app allows to create meetings using one account and sent invitation links to participants, no concurrent meetings are possible.

What would be the most minimal setup which would allow existing Zoom users to host meetings via API using their acounts?

Hey @kestdev ,

If I am understanding your use case correctly, you will need to build an OAuth App, to have Zoom users authorize you to create meetings on their behalf via the Create Meeting API.

If you find this flow too complex, I am happy to help walk you through it. :slight_smile:


Thank for the reply. Do I need to create an OAuth Account or OAuth User-managed app?
How it is possible for other users to authorize me in creating meetings on their behalf if they are not on my account?

Happy to help @kestdev !

For your use case you will want the User Level OAuth app. :slight_smile:

This is what OAuth2 is designed to do! :slight_smile: You can checkout the steps here to get an access token, which you can then use to call the Zoom APIs:

Let me know if that helps! :slight_smile:


Thank you for you answers :slight_smile:
So first an external user must authorize (Install) with an app by using the Install link and allow the app to access his/hr profile? After that the app would be able to create meeting on behalf of the user by using /users/{userId}/meetings?
How many free installations the app can have?

Correct @kestdev ! :slight_smile:

There is no limit one how many users can install your app.


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