Let user create meeting without him having to authenticate every single time

I want the user to be able to create a meeting for others to join. So far I’ve accomplished the following:
The user clicks a button which redirects him to “https://zoom.us/oauth/. authorize”, after authorization zoom will send the user back to my specific url returning a authorization code, which I can use to make a server side request to “https://zoom.us/oauth/token” to generate an oauth token. Having this token I’m able to create a meeting firing another HTTP call to the zoom api - please correct me if I’m wrong or there’s anything else to pay attention to.

That might work for a lot of use cases, but not for ours. - Is there a way to instantly create a meeting without the user/host having to authenticate? So that anybody inside the application could click a button and immediately open a meeting, enabling others to join and talk?

In other words: do I have to authenticate the user itself or is it possible that I handle his request with my backend and verify my app instead, letting everybody, without ever having to login to zoom, instantly creating a meeting (without scheduling)?

Which App Type?
WebSdk, JWT, OAuth

Hi @timfuhrmann,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and good question.

To clarify, will you be creating meetings on behalf of users under your own Zoom account, or will this include external users? If it’s the latter, this will require OAuth as you’ve already implemented it, and they will need to be authenticated upon authorizing your app to make requests on their behalf.

However, if you only need to create meetings for users under your account, you can utilize JWT authentication and make requests directly on behalf of any user on your account:

The start_url returned by our Create Meeting API also includes a user token, which should not require the user to authenticate before starting the meeting.

Let me know if this helps—thanks!

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