Activating pending Zoom account does not trigger webhook

I am listening to the user.activated event. When I manually deactivate and then activate a user in the Zoom dashboard, I receive the webhook event. However, when I create a new pending user from the Zoom portal and then click “Activate your Zoom Account” from the email sent, it does not trigger the webhook.

How come the webhook event is not created in this case? Should I be listening to a different event?

user.invitation_accepted also does not get triggered when the user activates via email. Not sure what event I should be listening to.

Hi @peterzoom
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer forum, I am happy to help here!
Are you still seeing this issue?
Have you make sure that your endpoint is valid and it is receiving eventS?

Ah, I figured it out. I created the user via the web portal. When I create the user via API, I receive the webhooks

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Interesting! @peterzoom
Thanks for confirming this with me and I will do some research on my end to see if this is the expected behavior.