Webhook not triggering (no entries in webhook logs)

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API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)
WebHook with 2 events: user.invitation_accepted & user.created

I’ve created a “Webhook Only” app and setup a single event subscription subscribing to 2 events.
“user.invitation_accepted” and “user.created”.

I’ve added the url for my endpoint the should receive the post request when these trigger.

I’ve then tried adding a new user via the dashboard, the user gets the invitation, accepts it and logs in.
But no event trigger, my endpoint does not get hit, and there is nothing in the “Call logs”:

Screenshot of app setup

No error, nothing happens.

Hi @TheBekker
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community!

There are some steps that might help you to debug your issue:

  1. Send a post request to your Endpoint URL, if you do not receive this event then you will have to check your Endpoint
  2. If you DO RECEIVE the post request, but not the Zoom events, try replacing your endpoint with a test endpoint of your preference (such as webhook.site).
  3. If you receive events and Zoom events in this test endpoint, please check that your Endpoint URL is working properly.

But in case that you are not receiving Zoom events at all (to your Endpoint or the Test Endpoint), please provide me with the following information so we can escalate this issue

  1. App ID
  2. Endpoint URL

Hope this helps,

Hi Elisa

I can i hit the endpoint manually, no problem.
It just seems like the event is not triggering, since i have nothing in the “Call Logs” for that App, i would think all outgoing request from the zoom app would be listed there? (even failing ones?)

Not 100% where i find my App ID? but from pure guess i took this from the url path when viewing my app settings: HXk1CTgfSwSgLhdGfwCTgA

I would rather not post endpoints on an open forum, can i create a ticket or deliver it some other way?

Hi @TheBekker
Interesting, I will send you a private message so you can share more details with me.

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I PM’ed some extra info/issues a 5 days ago.

Like i mentioned the requests suddenly just started going out and getting logged in the Zoom Call Log.
But all just show a 400 response.
When i post to the endpoint manually it works flawlessly. (testing with data copied fromt he Zoom Call Log)

Hope you are able to help :slight_smile:

Thanks @TheBekker
I will work on this issue right now

Hi Chris @TheBekker
I have reached out to our Engineering team about this issue (ZSEE-61461 internal ticket for reference)
I will come back to you as I hear back from them