AD sync tool not updating users

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We are just starting to use the AD sync tool to update users and also to deactivate users that are not in AD but still in the Zoom console.
We manually updated a couple of users so he sync tool should pick them up and update them. Running the sync tool with the preview switch creates a report but it’s showing user to update as 0. The deactivate part looks fine as it shows over 4000 user will be deactivated. Does someone know why the update part would not work in this case?
Output of the report is:
Synchronization Mode: Full Sync

Configuration Explanation

(1) Create a new user in Zoom when the user(email) does not exist in Zoom:
No, the config option is ‘zoom.allow.create.user=false’.

(2) Update the Zoom user’s profile when the user’s profile does not sync to Zoom:
Yes, the config option is ‘zoom.allow.update.user=true’.

(3) Deactivate the user from Zoom when the user(email) exists in the Zoom but not exists in the LDAP/AD server:
Yes, Deactivate the user, the config option are ‘zoom.allow.delete.missing.user=true’ and ‘zoom.default.user.delete.behavior=1’.

Synchronization Info

Total Zoom Users: 27650 users.

Total LDAP/AD Users: 35927 users.

Actions Summary

(1) Create 0 users in Zoom (zoom.allow.create.user=false).
(2) Update 0 users profile in Zoom (zoom.allow.update.user=true).
(3) Deactivate 4089 users in Zoom in the full synchronization (zoom.allow.delete.missing.user=true, zoom.default.user.delete.behavior=1).

Thanks in advance.
PS: I also logged this with technical support although they told me in the past they don’t provide support for the AD sync tool.

Hi @stefani,

Please open up a ticket with Zoom Support. They’ll be able to best assist with troubleshooting this configuration :).


can you help me with the LDAP base configurations?
we have users account in multiple groups & different folders, how do we setup the base?

@ca-siyamalavarn Please reach out to our Technical Support Team so they can assist directly.