Add comments to the custom UI

已经尝试过 ZoomSDKCustomizedAnnotationCtr 。无论调用任何方法,都报错:ZoomSDKError_WrongUsage。我需要一个详细的使用步骤!非常着急这个功能的实现。关于论坛里的提问已经都看过了。但对我没有任何的帮助。

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Very anxious waiting for your reply! Thank you very much!

你好 @homellc123,




Thank you very much for your reply, how to add notes to the content shared by others when customizing the UI. Or the detailed usage of the ZoomSDKCustomizedAnnotationCtr function. There is no demonstration in the official demo.

Hi @homellc123, thanks for clarifying.

We appreciate you pointing out this lapse in coverage for our sample application and apologize for the inconvenience. Since this is a moderately complex feature, it may take some time for us to be able to provide sufficient documentation. In the meantime please make note of the following components` reference related to the annotation feature:


Currently using a custom UI, when other members initiate sharing, use ZoomSDKShareElement to display shared content. The requirement is to add comments on shareView. What should I do? When using ZoomSDKCustomizedAnnotationCtr to call canDoAnnotation:canAnnotate:, an error: ZoomSDKError_WrongUsage is reported. Hope to give me a detailed tutorial, thank you very much!

Custom UI,How do shared viewers add annotation?Very anxious waiting for the reply!