Annotations toolbar with custom UI IOS Application

We have enabled the custom meeting ui for Zoom iOS application and shared our screen into a meeting session by using the interface

[ meetingService appShareWithView:ourAppUIController.view ]. With this interface we were successfully be able to share our screen into a meeting session.

We want to enable the annotation from our iOS application during screen sharing. To achieve this, we used the “MobileRTCAnnotationService” interface

[ annotationService startAnnotationWithSharedView: ourAppUIController.view ]to enable annotation. Using this interface we were able to annotate (drawing line) on our application. But we don’t have any control to stop/hide the annotation once we start the annotation. But in the case of Zoom android custom ui application, when we start the annotation, the default annotation bar will gets displayed on the screen with all annotation controls. In iOS Application we don’t have such control to stop/select the controls of the annotation. Is this a limitation or this is technically achievable still?

Hey @rssuresh192,

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In Android the annotation toolbar will display in both default and custom UI’s, however, in iOS there is no annotation toolbar UI for custom UI. This will have to be built by the developer. You can use the methods within MobileRTCAnnotationService to perform the actions that the buttons in the annotation toolbar would do.


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