Rate limit - How to consult all api calls?

I’m getting an error when trying to call the create api end point. My application log registered 55 api calls, and the documentation says that the limit is 100 per day.
Is there a way to consult the zoom api log to check what are these created meetings?


My daily limit is not resetting at 0h. Since yesterday I’m getting the same error. I need some assistance here.

Hi @zecaloteiro,

Can you share the exact error you’re receiving? Is this a 429 error, or are you seeing something else?


Hi @will.zoom

{"code":429,"message":"You have exceeded the daily rate limit (100) of Meeting Create/Update API requests permitted for this particular user. You may resume these requests at GMT 00:00:00."}

But I didn’t create 100 meetings. There isn’t 100 meetings created on my account. I need a way to check all API calls and what is causing this over limit.

I’m using the “add meeting registrant” endpoint to add my guests. I presume that it doesn’t affect my creating meeting limit right?

Thank you.

Hi @zecaloteiro,

Thanks for sharing these additional details—I’m happy to look into this further for you.

Can I kindly ask that you share the following with us directly at developersupport@zoom.us so that we can take a closer look at the exact cause?

  • Last request you hit this limit with (include the full URL)
  • Timestamp
  • Account ID

Thank you,

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