Add more in-meeting reactions

At present there are six reactions that can be used during a meeting. They are Clap, Thumbs up, Heart, Joy, Open mouth and Tada.

Can you please add a couple more to extend the range. At present we have six different ways of saying “I agree”. But no way to say “I disagree”.

I suggest adding the following.

Thumbs down
Boring, please get to the point (a yawn)
Shut up and give someone else a turn (scissors cutting icon?)

All icons should have a prominent background color so you can spot them easily. And ideally a way to keep them on screen for longer than 5 seconds.

There is a related feature request here for users to add their own custom reactions. That seems difficult to implement. The suggestion here is much simpler and could be done immediately.


It would be great to simply enable the full set of standard emojis. And it would be great if for there to be a host setting that would allow reactions to “float up” over the meeting screen like in Instagram Live, Facebook Live, etc, so that if many people clicked “clap” or “love” at once you could see lots of them bubbling up. Zoom competitors like MeetingPulse are starting to offer this and it is a major draw for our business.


I’d suggest that when a company admin is setting policy for their company or organisation, they should be able to select the reactions they want then.

I use zoom at church - we’d like to add the ‘Pray’ :pray:icon but would rather not add ‘Yawn’ :yawning_face:!

But love zoom and the fact that we can continue to meet each week in large part due to your product - :+1:

Martin Francis

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I would like to have a confused face":confused:" in reactions.

A sad face would also be helpful, also a party one, or a celebratory one.


I would love to have a reaction for “Your mic is muted”


I agree with the Thumbs Down one! I would also suggest adding a sad/crying reaction

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lol! Yes please!!! its the most common phrase of the year!

The best thing would be an onMouseOver that identified what the icon represented. Sometimes they all look the same.