Audio Reactions-Applause

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
This is a feature request, or maybe there is already a way to do this. I’d like to create an app for marketplace to provide custom Audio reactions such as applause. I don’t currently see a way to send or trigger simple audio from a zoom client. Is that possible?

Describe the solution you’d like
An API that lets a marketplace app expose customer audio reactions for the user to trigger ad hoc, i.e. expose a custom button in the Reactions menu. The api would also allow adding of custom audio and visual reactions, e.g. applause. The intent would be to expose custom Reactions to users if they install a marketplace app that enables this capability. It’s cool to have the visual clap, but some sort of soft clap a user can trigger that grows as more people

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
I don’t see any alternate way to do this in Zoom or marketplace. If you want to applaud, you have to unmute and physically clap or “golf clap” visually or use the standard reactions. Audio reactions could really enhance the experience when someone is presenting.

Additional context

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Hey @poppajoelio,

This is a great idea, but currently not possible with our APIs. We do have a few existing feature requests for this to be a native functionality within Zoom! :slight_smile: