Error message "Not support registration webinar"

We are using Zoom to create webinars. Webinars are created with option “approval_type:1” to approve manually participants. We use the Zoom API to add and validate registrants. This flow is working well with the zoom client or the web client.
We would like to go further with the Zoom integration by integrating the Web SDK in a website but this flow seems not to be working. When the Web SDK starts to initialize we get a popup with the following error message “Not support registration webinar”. However, when I check the network tab of the browser I have a HTTP call faling with the following JSON:
{“status”:false,“errorCode”:3000,“errorMessage”:“Not support registration webinar”,“result”:null}

As the flow is working on the fat client and web client we expect it to work with the WebSDK, can you confirm this flow is correct and investigate why it’s not working? if this is not implemented yet, can you please provide a workaround solution? thanks


{“status”:false,“errorCode”:3000,“errorMessage”:“Not support registration webinar”,“result”:null}

  • Zoom.join() error handler throw the error object:

method: “join”,
status: false,
result: null,
errorMessage: “Not support registration webinar”,
errorCode: 3606

Which version?

To Reproduce

  • Create a Webinar with API, set “approval_type:1”
  • Add a registrant to the webinar with the API /docs/api-reference/zoom-api/webinars/webinarregistrantcreate
  • Update the registrant status to “Approve” with /docs/api-reference/zoom-api/webinars/webinarregistrantstatus
  • Start the webinar on another machine
  • Open the browser and start the WebSDK with the Registrant
    – Sign the request
    – Call ZoomMtg.init() like described in the documentation
    – Call ZoomMtg.join() like described in the documentation
    —> A popup displays “Not support registration webinar” and on the network tab you can find the JSON {“status”:false,“errorCode”:3000,“errorMessage”:“Not support registration webinar”,“result”:null}

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • Device: Mac
  • Browser: Chrome]

Hi @benoit.mugnier,

Currently our WebSDK does not support registered webinars, we only support attendee joining un-registered. However, we are planing our including this feature in an upcoming release -


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@benoit.mugnier - Following up, our WebSDK now supports Registered Webinars and other Webinar features.