Adding Collaborators


I have a marketplace zoom app that we want to start testing but I cannot seem to add any collaborators on the app.

Do you need to be on a paid plan in order to develop an app with other users? I added people to my contacts as I spoke to sales support, but that did not work.

Hi @heinrich
Make sure that the person that you are trying to add as the collaborator belongs to your same account.
You can not add external users as collaborators.
Hope this helps,

@elisa.zoom thats what I don’t really get. How can I add more people to my account ?

Do I need a paid account to do so?

Only place I can see this is user management but its a paid feature.

I see what you mean @heinrich
Thanks for the clarification.
To add users to your account you do need to be on a Pro or higher plan.

Hope this helps,

Thanks for Clarifying. I find it Kinda strange and problematic. lets say you have a small team developing a zoom application you would need at least 4 licenses so $500+ per year just to develop/test a zoom app.

There is no other way to test a zoom app other than having collaborators with licenses. For people adding benefit to zoom, I find that pretty strange.

Hi @heinrich
I totally understand what you are saying.
I am not very familiar with billing and prices but feel free to reach out to our support team and they would be able to guide you on the best way to manage your licenses.