How to use multiple Zoom accounts during development

We are currently working on publishing an app on Zoom Marketplace.
The app we are developing is designed to make a call like a phone call and allow the called user to join the meeting created by the host.
During development, I need to test with multiple users, but is it possible to add test accounts without going through the review stage?
Because calls and participation can actually be made between accounts, it is difficult to create one MarketPlace owner account.
I would like to add an account for internal testing in some way.
Please tell me how.

Hello @Ryuzi

Any Zoom User located on the same account can test the developer version of the application. If you need external meaning a Zoom User is located outside of your Zoom account. Then in that situation you would need to request an Authorization URL, which does require a review, or submit for Publishing which also requires review.

Thanks to reply. @kwaku.nyante

Does this mean that if I add a new user under my account, I can test connectivity etc. with that user?
I’ll try it right away.
Are there any precautions regarding users to add?

Hello @Ryuzi nothing really just make sure the user is an Admin or create a custom role that gives the user admin rights on the Zoom Marketplace.

You can use this role management doc to help with this

Regards, Kwaku

Thank you so match.
thanks so much.
I was able to solve the problem.

Regards, Ryuzi

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