Adding Team Members to Account for App Development

Dear Zoom Support Team,

I am writing to seek assistance regarding the limitations I have encountered when trying to add collaborators to my Zoom account for app development purposes.

I have recently begun the development of a marketplace Zoom app and have faced difficulties in adding team members as collaborators on the app. Despite adding individuals to my contacts, as suggested by your sales support, I found that this approach did not work. I was informed that only users belonging to the same account can be added as collaborators, and external users are not supported.

To proceed with the development and testing of my Zoom app, it seems that a Pro or higher plan is required to add team members to my account. However, this requirement poses a significant challenge for small teams like mine, as it necessitates multiple licenses and incurs a financial burden of $500+ per year solely for app development purposes.

I kindly request your assistance in finding alternative solutions that promote inclusivity and support for developers. Are there any options or workarounds available that would allow for the development and testing of Zoom apps without the need for additional licenses? By fostering a supportive environment for developers, we can enhance the quality and diversity of apps available on the Zoom platform, contributing to its overall growth and success.

I would greatly appreciate your guidance and expertise in addressing this matter. Please let me know if there are any other details or suggestions you require. Your prompt response would be highly valued.

Thank you for your attention to this issue, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Hello @app-developer

Please try this option Sharing Private and Beta Apps

Regards, Kwaku

Thanks, but I need the help of the team before initial approval. I need to invite our QA, marketing and legal support team members to fill in data in the Technical Design part.


I see we will share this internally and hope for a change in the future thank you for your input.

Regards, Kwaku

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