Adding dial-out button from outside of Zoom

Hi everyone -

We wish to add a button to our portal that allows dial out.

We have the number in our system of the other party.

So the use case + flow would look like this:

  • User 1 dials into the zoom conference line via phone (not webapp or mobile app)
  • No one joins after X minutes (x is irrelevant here because the trigger is manual)
  • User 1 clicks The “Dial out” button from our web portal
  • The Zoom conference line that User 1 had dialed into automatically calls user 2
  • User 2 presses some # to join the conference after hearing some prompt
  • All is good

Would anyone know the right place in the API documentation whereby we can sync up our system to do this?

We are on Zoom Business pricing plan (not the API pricing plan if it makes any difference)

Much thanks!

Hey @DeepBench,

Currently we do not have a dial-out API endpoint.

However, with our Native SDKs, you can programmatically dial out: