Outoging phone call from my computer

Hi, I have a Desktop CRM application and I would like to be able to click a button in my application and have my Zoom Desktop Client dial the client. At first guess I would have thought I could use the Zoom API for this but I see other posts where Zoom staff confirm that such a function is not available in the API. So is it possible with the Desktop SDKs? What is the model for a phone call; is it merely a Meeting with 2 participants who are connected by phone? Is there more than one way to achieve this? Could someone please point me to the right place/s in the documentation?

Hi reg.paling,

Thanks for interested in using Zoom SDK. If you would like to simply connect 2 participants by phone, you could have an audio-only meeting, and you could use the call-me or dial-in feature to join a meeting by phone:

Since you are integrating our SDK into your app, so you will have full control of how to trigger your app and how to adapt the SDK with your use cases.

You may have a try with our demo app that is available on https://github.com/zoom/zoom-sdk-macos

If you are looking for the Zoom Phone features, it is a separated product and it is not included in the Client SDKs.


Hi Carson,

Thanks for these details. That would mean that in order to make ordinary phone calls I would have to pay an additional $100 per month for the Call-Out add-on feature. Zoom Phone would be uncompetitive if this is truly the case.
With my Pro account + Zoom Phone I can make ordinary phone calls by dialing manually from my Zoom Desktop Client. I am only looking for the way to automate the dialling.

Hi reg.paling,

Thanks for the reply. The call-out feature and the Zoom Phone are different. However, if you are able to use Zoom Phone on your desktop client and willing to automate this process, I am afraid currently we do not have Zoom Phone SDK. The Client SDK can achieve a similar process only with the call-out or dial-in feature.

Hope this helps. Thanks!