Adding new URLs in the OAuth allow list

We added some new URLs in the OAuth allow list in our app which is already published. We are getting this error while using those new domains:

“status”: false,
“errorCode”: 700,
“errorMessage”: “Invalid redirect url”,
“result”: null

Does it have to be resubmitted for the whole approval process again? What happens with the domains which are working right now during the approval process? We are a bit worried because we don’t want to impact our current users.

Error code: 4700. Invalid redirect URL

Which App?

Hi @fbarroso

That is actually a great question. Yes you have to resubmit for Functional Review and normally this process can be fast.

The domains that are working right now will continue working.
Are you trying to remove your current URLs? or will you keep them?


Thanks for your respone @elisa.zoom.

We are going to keep all of them and just add some news.

Another question, how many URLs can we have? Is there any limit?

Best regards!

Hi @fbarroso,
Of course, I am happy to help.
I believe that you can only add up to 30 URLs.

Once you add the new ones, you can re submit your app for review (update) and the process should be very smooth.

Have a happy day

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