Adding registrant to recurring meeting returns the start date of the last meeting



I’m adding registrants to a recurring Zoom meeting using the v2 REST API.

Everything works but I notice that the start date I receive in response is that of the last meeting and not the next upcoming one.

The confirmation email I receive from Zoom shows the correct date ( the next upcoming meeting ).

Any ideas why this might be?

Thank you


Hi Amy,

Would you be able to post the API details Header & Payload (without the token) so that we can take a closer look?



Hi Michael, thanks for your reply

This is the information I received from curl_getinfo() and by outputting the response:

curl_getinfo() :
[“url”]=> string(53) “
[“content_type”]=> string(30) “application/json;charset=UTF-8”
[“http_code”]=> int(201)
[“header_size”]=> int(575)
[“request_size”]=> int(375)
[“filetime”]=> int(-1)
[“ssl_verify_result”]=> int(0)
[“redirect_count”]=> int(0)
[“total_time”]=> float(0.899686)
[“namelookup_time”]=> float(5.0E-5)
[“connect_time”]=> float(0.138263)
[“pretransfer_time”]=> float(0.662317)
[“size_upload”]=> float(68)
[“size_download”]=> float(251)
[“speed_download”]=> float(278)
[“speed_upload”]=> float(75)
[“download_content_length”]=> float(251)
[“upload_content_length”]=> float(68)
[“starttransfer_time”]=> float(0.899661)
[“redirect_time”]=> float(0)
[“redirect_url”]=> string(0) “”
[“primary_ip”]=> string(13) “”
[“certinfo”]=> array(0) { }
[“primary_port”]=> int(443)
[“local_ip”]=> string(11) “”
[“local_port”]=> int(64650) }


object(stdClass)#2252 (5) {
[“registrant_id”]=> string(22) “VzrRseG0TuKE2wWkQCTCNQ”
[“id”]=> int(901200132)
[“topic”]=> string(12) “Test Meeting”
[“start_time”]=> string(20) “2018-08-17T04:00:00Z”
[“join_url”]=> string(121) “” }

The meeting start date is for the 17th of August in the response but the first meeting is actually on the 3rd of August.

Any ideas?



Hi Amy, 

When adding the registrants to reoccurring meetings via the API, did you use the occurence_id parameter?{{occurrence_ids}}




Hmm, I have not. How do I find the ocurrance ID? And I understand that it’s multiple ID’s?



Hi Amy, 

To find the occurrence ID, you can use Also, yes, the occurrences object will have multiple IDs. 

Let us know if that helps!