Shared accounts

We have a potential customer that we’re trying to enable the Funtivity ZoomApps for. The said they have “shared accounts” and because of that they are unable to onboard Funtivity. Any one here have any thoughts? I know this is not “developer” question - but I think any direction you could point us to will be helpful.

We are unable to add integrations to zoom at this time. This is because we have shared accounts in zoom, and anything that gets added is shared with everyone. That would violate our security policy for access control for these shared accounts. We are working with zoom to find a solution to move these shared accounts to a different billing account. Zoom hasn’t come back with a solution just yet. That said, they are working on it.

@rossm FYI for your visibility…

@Mohan, do you think the customer is sharing Zoom user accounts? This might be a difficult thing to solve, and we’d suggest they use a dedicated user login. But if these users from multiple billing units are on the same account, our support team can work with them to find an option. The App can also be pre-approved for specific user groups if the issue is enabling access account-wide.

@michael.zoom - we’ve followed up with the customer. We’re waiting to hear back.

Thanks for the update @Mohan let us know what you hear.