Adding users to account

I’m currently building an api system for a client who wants their doctors to set up zoom meetings with their patients. Would I add the doctors to their zoom account and use their (the doctors) emails in api request:/users/{userId}/meetings?


You will need to use Zoom User API to create users in an account

Thanks for the reply @chunsiong.zoom. I saw your documentation and noticed I could upload new users via a csv file. Using an api to add users to an account seems a little robust for an admin task. What am I missing?

@devontae sorry I don’t understand the question.

You cannot use the API to upload a file to create users

The API is used to create users, typically one by one.

The url which you share does not use our zoom developer API. It uses the zoom management portal to do so.

@chunsiong.zoom No worries! I suspect I’m confusing the term user, hence the confusion. Let me give context! My client has a web app and they want to integrate your zoom api as part of their web experience. I’m trying to build a private server that will make an api request and create a meeting for their patients (i.e doctor hits btn called create video chat). From my understanding, I can use server to server OAuth to receive an access token and hit this endpoint with said token in the zoom api :/users/{userId}/meetings. In this scenario, would I just replace userId with me (access token )? Or am I missing something?

@devontae ,

I understand. There are slight more steps to this. I’ll try to explain

To call the API, you will need to create a HTTP post request, and this is done typically at code level or using CURL, which is a command line app to make the HTTP post request.

Since your client already has a web app, you will need to modify their web app code to make the HTTP Post request.

The HTTP Post request for Zoom REST API would require you to authenticate via a Bearer token. The bearer token is generated using the Client ID and Client Secret from Server to Server Oauth App. OAuth for user authorized apps

If you do not include the bearer token, and try to access that URL, it will not work

The “me” needs to be replaced with the email address of the user, whom you want to create a meeting for.

@chunsiong.zoom Gotcha! I also read that in your docs so that makes sense. Just for clarity when I see:POST /users/{userId}/meetings…Does userId either represent someone with a zoom account (i.e. userId) or someone without a zoom account (i.e email). I ask because the user in this context would be a doctor (whom I want to create a meeting for) who may or may not have a zoom account. Or am I confusing things?

Thanks for your time btw:)

@devontae this user need to be an email address which has already been added to your customer’s zoom account. This API just creates a meeting for this user.

You cannot add participant using the above API. There is another API called add participant which can do what you are trying to do

Gotcha! So would my client need to add the doctors emails to their account or can the doctors share the email from the account owner?

Concerning adding a participant, the api I mentioned earlier responds with a password and meeting id, could I construct a link for their patients to use as described in this article: