Create a meeting using an application account


I am trying to create an online zoom meeting between a Physician and a Patient. For that I need to call the create meeting using an application account and not a userId account. The Physician and the patient will be added as participants.

  1. is it possible to get an application access token instead of a user one?
  2. I didn’t find the possibility to add participants in the request body. If it’s not possible I can still send the created URL by email but I would like the API to support natively this part

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?


Hi @wello007,

  1. All OAuth apps which make requests to the Zoom API use app-level credentials (client ID / Secret), but they need to be installed / authorized at a user-level, so you will not be able to use application-level credentials.
  2. To add participants / registrants to the meeting, use the Add Meeting Registrant API with subsequent API calls.

thanks you @michael.harrington.
Our use case, is to create a video visit (teleconsultation) between a physician and patient. Is it possible to use one account for all the visits, in this case one account can potentially have multiple conferences at the same date and time.
Thank you for the direct link to the documentation, it’s very useful

Hey @dib,

This is possible if you have multiple users in your Zoom account. For each user, you can host a meeting which can be the same time as another one of your users hosting a meeting.