Adding Zoom App into Meeting

Hi Zoom Team,

I am a indie developer and wanted to create an app for zoom that can be added to zoom meetings and record meeting.

I have created app and have created server as well i am getting webhook for meeting started and meeting closed all i want is that when ever i get meeting started event i want to add my zoom app into meeting so that it can record the meeting or do something.

Currently i am trying this api but its not working


with headers and all it will be good if i can have a full fledge js sample on github or some documentation which covers this topic.

Please help


To add your app to a meeting and perform actions like recording, you can utilize the Zoom App Marketplace and our API. Here are some suggestions to help you with the integration:

Zoom App Marketplace: Submit your app to the Zoom App Marketplace so that users can easily install and use it within their Zoom meetings. The marketplace provides a platform for developers to showcase their apps and allows users to discover and install them.

Meeting Started Webhook: You mentioned that you are receiving the “meeting started” webhook. This is a good starting point. When you receive this event, you can take further actions to interact with the meeting.

Add App to Meeting: To add your app to a meeting, you can use the “Meeting Created” or “Meeting Started” webhook events to trigger an API call to add your app. The API endpoint you can use is: POST /v2/meetings/{meetingId}/apps. Make sure you have the necessary permissions to perform this action.

Recording Meetings: If you want your app to record meetings, you can use the “Meeting Recording Started” webhook event to trigger the recording functionality. This webhook event is sent when the meeting recording starts, allowing your app to start recording as well.

Sample Code and Documentation: To assist you further, we recommend referring to the Zoom API documentation, which provides detailed information on endpoints, request/response formats, and authentication. Additionally, you can explore our GitHub repository for sample code and libraries that can help you with the integration.

If you have any specific questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Developer Support team. They are available to help you with technical queries related to the Zoom API and app development.

Rachel Gomez

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Thanks, Rachel,

Can you please refer me to the documents where this use case is covered or provide here any links or guides that describe this part? I looked here but couldn’t find it. And registrants are the same as adding a zoom app into a meeting ?.
I couldn’t find the “/v2/meetings/{meetingId}/apps.”

Hi Team, any update for this ?