Additional detail in Get Invoice Detail API

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The “Get invoice detail” API does not return all detail available in the PDF invoice from Zoom. The API response is missing useful detail such as “Subscription Owner”,
“Account Number” and “SKU”.

The reason why we need all the detail is because we are a Zoom reseller and we get lots of invoices from Zoom and we want to reduce (stop) manual data entry by copying data from PDF invoice. If we can automate the data entry, we can pay Zoom quicker and with less human errors too.

Describe the solution you’d like
I need all detail in the PDF invoice to be available by “Get invoice detail” API This includes “Subscription Owner”, “Account Number” and “SKU” in the invoice_items of the API response.

An example response can look like …
“id”: “…”,
“invoice_number”: “INV9030…”,
“total_amount”: 0,
“tax_amount”: 0,
“balance”: 0,
“due_date”: “2021-07-22”,
“invoice_date”: “2021-06-07”,
“target_date”: “2021-06-07”,
“status”: “Posted”,
“invoice_items”: [
"subscription_owner": "ACME"
"account_number": "123445567"
"sku": "PAR1-CLR-500G-CS1Y"
“charge_name”: “Cloud Recording 500 GB - overage fee”,
“charge_type”: “Usage”,
“charge_number”: “C-17730767”,
“total_amount”: 0,
“tax_amount”: 0,
“quantity”: 6,
“start_date”: “2021-05-07”,
“end_date”: “2021-06-06”
“currency”: “USD”

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
None. Thought about PDF OCR but there can be errors and not as seamless as just an API call to get invoice detail