Advice - Looking for a direction

I decided to write this post in order to see if someone with more experience than me with zoom sdk could give me some direction.

I would like to build a desktop app on top of the zoom sdk. The idea is to grab the videos from a meeting, and modify the layout of the window showed to the user.

Basically I would like to have one main view like following:
- upper half main video (choosed statically, like get the video of that userId);
- second half composed by all the videos windows of the other partecipants;

Questions requiring direction:

  • Is it something doable?
  • Is it possible to get the videos data of a selected user?

If anybody have more points that I am missing please feel free to add them!

It’s mainly a game to fill my spare home time off from my developer weekly duties, but I would really appreciate some help!

Thanks in advance!

Hi lucaprovini1989,

Thanks for the post and thanks for sharing the idea. Based on your description:

  1. Customizing the layout could be done with Custom UI, which is: You have the full control of your UI, and call the SDK interfaces to render the proper views. You may refer to our demo app for the implementation of Custom UI.
  2. Currently we do not provide raw video data in our SDK, we are investigating the possibility of providing this in the future.

Hope this helps. Thanks!