Zoom meeting with custom video and ML tracking

Hi! I need to program a Zoom event for 75-100 participants, where all the users’ videos are modified using an external SDK for face tracking.

  • Is the Video SDK the kit that I need?
  • Can I use it to create the entire web app and host it from my URL?

Thank you for any advice you can give me.

Basically, I would like to modify the image of the user with a layer of graphics before the video has been streamed. Is it possible?

Hi @kronikle ,

The Video SDK would allow you to create your own customized application using Zoom media (video, audio, chat), so yes, you could build an entire web app and host it with your own URL. In terms of modifying the image of the user, you could customize the video canvas/background, but further outside of the Video SDK scope and would have to happen according to your own customization.