After upgrading to v4.4.55968.0904 error: failed processing manifest

After upgrading v4.4.55968.0904 we are getting below errors
app\build\intermediates\merged_manifests\prodDebug\AndroidManifest.xml:380: error: attribute android:foregroundServiceType not found.
error: failed processing manifest.

After clicking on the hyper link, we are seeing below code at the line AndroidManifest.xml:380

android:label="@string/zm_app_name" …

Which version?

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Android SDK

Hi cliksource,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. May I inquire what is the API level that you are targeting? The foregroundServiceType is a new attribute in API level 29, we will look into the solution for this. Pardon the inconvenience. In the meantime, are you able to use API 29 (Android SDK + Build Tool) in your project? If so, you can refer to the gradle file here: to set up your project. Once you are using the API 29, then this error will not appear.