Android resource linking failed in jetified-mobilertc AndroidManifest.xml

Facing compiler error “Android resource linking failed” in jetified-mobilertc AndroidManifest.xml

Android Compile SDK version 28
Minimum SDK version 21
Java 1.8
Migrated app to android X
Zoom sdk version V4.6.21666.0429

Note: While using zoom sdk older version V4.4.55130.0712. We are able to integrate successfully.



Kindly let us know if we are missing anything.


Thanks for using Zoom SDK. This is probably caused by the Android Studio cache, please have a try with the following:

  • File -> Invalidate Caches/Restart

If the error persists, could you provide more details of the error you are getting?


Hi @Carson_Chen,
Yes the error still persists even after invalidating Caches and restart.
error message - mobilertc/build/.transforms/18fe521691034556d43b86e68de90ec9/jetified-mobilertc/AndroidManifest.xml:119:9-123:51: AAPT: error: attribute android:foregroundServiceType not found.

Fix : Adding the below code in the app’s manifest file fixes the issue .As screeenshareservice registered in the mobilertc throws the exception while merging manifest, that service attributes are overridden in the below code hence app runs without issue.
** android:name=“com.zipow.videobox.share.ScreenShareService”**
** tools:node=“replace” />**
Reference :

Important Note: It will be good to know whether this is the right way to fix this error or some configuration missing from our end.


Thanks for the reply. Based on the error info:

It seems like you are not using Android SDK 29+ to build the app. Please ensure your project settings match the pre-requisites in

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Hi @Carson_Chen,
We are using following settings,

  • compileSdkVersion : 29+
  • buildToolsVersion : 29+
  • minSdkVersion : 21
  • Required dependencies
implementation 'androidx.multidex:multidex:2.0.0'
implementation 'androidx.recyclerview:recyclerview:1.0.0'
implementation 'androidx.appcompat:appcompat:1.0.0'
implementation 'androidx.constraintlayout:constraintlayout:1.1.3'
implementation ''

Android project migrated to Android X.
Let me know if anything we are missing.


Thanks for the reply. Are you using the following:

compileSdkVersion 29
    buildToolsVersion '29.0.2'
  vectorDrawables.useSupportLibrary = true

If yes and you are still facing issues, could you provide the error message?


Hi @Carson_Chen,
Yes I am using the above mentioned configuration. Still i am facing this issue. Even adding this

** android:name=“com.zipow.videobox.share.ScreenShareService”**
** tools:node=“replace” />**
screen share not having callback.
Kindly reply ASAP.
Thanks in advance!


Could you clean the cache of the gradle file? If you are using Windows, here is the regular path for the gradle cache files: C:\Users\UserName\.gradle\caches\transforms-1\files-1.1\commonlib.aar. Please try to clean the cache and delete the folder and see if it helps.