After users upgrade iPhone and iPad to ios 16.4, webinars sharing screen view will be disappeared in Safari

Meeting SDK Type and Version

npm package @zoomus/websdk 2.10.1


We find every user can not see sharing screen after they upgrade their iPhone or iPad to 16.4.

We didn’t updated anything in our code.

We compare some device ios 16.3.1 and ios 16.4.

When using 16.3.1 is fine to see the sharing screen but 16.4 always disappeared.

We try your react example: GitHub - zoom/meetingsdk-react-sample: Use the Zoom Meeting SDK in a React App

We clone it and set a test webinar, it’s same problem.

However, it still working in ios 16.3.1

It’s ios 16.4 bug or your will fix this issue on next patch?

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