IOS zoom webinar SDK sharing desktop display black screen

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For live event (zoom webinar), when host start an event from laptop, and share desktop, the black screen display for users join the event from cell phone, the following are the scenarios:

  1. Share the desktop, some cellphone see the black screen. It’s common on Iphone 12
  2. Share the desktop, then stop the sharing, then share second time, repeat multiple time, more cellphone will get black screen. Iphone 12, and Iphone 13.
  3. Share the desktop, then end the sharing. Expect the camera view display for the attendees, but actually black page display. This issue can always display. For all iphone user.

Which iOS Meeting SDK version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior (here I use scenario 3):

  1. Use API to create an event, get the host/meeting ID/APK etc information.
  2. Open laptop, open zoom client, and fill in zoom event information (user/meeting ID/APK etc), then user will be able to start the event from laptop. Turn on camera and audio.
  3. On cellphone, open our app, join the event from our app. Attendee supposed to see host’s camera view.
  4. Back to laptop, click the “Share screen” button in zoom client, start charing desktop. On cellphone, our app will display host’s desktop view.
  5. On laptop, stop desktop sharing, and check the cellphone for attendee view.

expected: Host’s camera view display.
Actual: Black page display.


Troubleshooting Routes
The troubleshooting attempt types you’ve already exhausted, including testing with the appropriate sample app (found on Zoom · GitHub).

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • Device: [All iphone device, from Iphone 7 - Iphone 14, we do not support devices before Iphone 7]
  • OS: [e.g. iOS 14 and upper]

Additional context
This is the debugging information from dev

I do not understand why your UI allow to add picture, but submit with picture will be blocked by error message say cannot include media in the post.
Anyway, the above is the screenshot for attendee view from our APP.

Dev debugging information:

So, it will be closed in 1 month even there’s no response?

Hi @deen.prd.admin ,

I can’t seem to open up the link you provided with 403 Forbidden error. Based on the screenshot you attached, can I check that you are using our Meeting SDK Custom UI and which version are you currently on? Do you happen to also have the Zoom-generated log files?

It will be great if you can attach the code snippet of when you are attaching the screen-sharing view and also the video view when screen-sharing is dismissed.


Time pass,
we were using when we encountered this issue,
And we are using now.
And with new version, some devices are still black screen, with same logic/code, some devices (e.g Iphone Xs Max) can not receive the sharingStatus_View_Other_Sharing callback, and lead to black screen.
typedef NS_ENUM(NSUInteger, MobileRTCSharingStatus)


/// Begin to share by the user himself.

MobileRTCSharingStatus_Self_Send_Begin,  **//this call back work every time.** 

/// Stop sharing by the user.


/// Others begin to share.


/// Others stop sharing.


/// View the sharing of others.

MobileRTCSharingStatus_View_Other_Sharing, **//some of the device will miss this callback**

/// Pause sharing.


/// Resume sharing.


/// Other user begins to share the sounds of computer audio.


/// Other user stops sharing the sounds of computer audio.



how can I provide log file?

Hi @deen.prd.admin,

One of the ways for you to provide us with the log files will be to upload your zipped log into Google Drive and send us the link to download the files from there.

Also, can I confirm with you the issues you are currently facing are as follows:

  1. Some attendees are getting a black screen when the host is screen sharing,
  2. When the host stops screen sharing, some attendees are seeing a black screen

Under the MobileRTCShareServiceDelegate’s onSinkSharingStatus callback, the status MobileRTCSharingStatus_View_Other_Sharing will only be received when the local user is viewing the MobileRTCActiveShareView showActiveShare(withUserID: Int) of the other user that is currently sharing their view. For instance, when user A is screen sharing, user B will first get the MobileRTCSharingStatus_Other_Share_Begin status first and only after it showActiveShare of user A then the MobileRTCSharingStatus_View_Other_Sharing status will come through.

You might want to check through the MobileRTCShareServiceDelegate’s onSinkSharingStatus to make sure that the logic for both screen sharer and receiver is right or you can share your code snippet here as well.

Thank you.

I already shared the log to your colleague Glenn Quah to pass them to you, please let me know whether you got the log.
For the issue we are facing, it’s when the host start sharing the screen, some attendees get black screen.
For the devices have the black screen, they cannot cannot get MobileRTCSharingStatus_View_Other_Sharing, same code, same logic, some devices are ok, but some will has no this call.

I cannot provide any screenshots or files “here”, it will be blocked by error message after I upload and submit. I do not understand why this forum have the entrances for uploading screenshots and attachments, but display error after the submission.

Hi @deen.prd.admin,

Sorry for the inconvenience on the uploading. Can I know what error (preferably the error message and/or code) you are encountering for this so I can feedback to the team on this? In the meantime, you can continue to share the files either to Glenn or to a shareable site for instance Google Drive as well.

As mentioned earlier for the status MobileRTCSharingStatus_View_Other_Sharing, the local user will only receive this when he/she starts viewing the sharer share view hence some users are not receiving this since it’s a black screen. Can I check if you are subscribing to the sharer share view after getting the MobileRTCShareServiceDelegate’s onSinkSharingStatus callback with the MobileRTCSharingStatus_Other_Share_Begin status? You can refer to the sample code below.

// screenShareView and activeView are UIView created previously.

extension CustomUIViewController: MobileRTCShareServiceDelegate {
    func onSinkSharingStatus(_ status: MobileRTCSharingStatus, userID: UInt) {
        print("User ID: \(userID) sharing status: \(status.rawValue)")
        switch status {
        case .self_Send_Begin, .self_Send_End::
        case .other_Share_Begin:
            screenShareView = MobileRTCActiveShareView()
            guard let shareView = screenShareView else { return }
            shareView.frame = activeView.bounds
            shareView.autoresizingMask = [.flexibleWidth, .flexibleHeight]
            shareView.showActiveShare(withUserID: userID)
        case .other_Share_End:
        case .view_Other_Sharing:
            print("Viewing others")

This is how we build our features right now. it’s just the things will go wrong on some devices:

On devices work well:

  1. we receive onSinkSharingStatus with status “MobileRTCSharingStatus_Other_Share_Begin”
  2. and in this callback call “shareView.showActiveShare(withUserID: userID)”
  3. then we receive onSinkSharingStatus with status “MobileRTCSharingStatus_View_Other_Sharing”
    everything works well - share view is displayed

on devices on which share view doesn’t work:

  1. we receive onSinkSharingStatus with status “MobileRTCSharingStatus_Other_Share_Begin”
  2. and in this callback call “shareView.showActiveShare(withUserID: userID)”
  3. we don’t get any more callbacks - share view is displayed as a black screen

We checked the old version, the old version works. E.g zoom-sdk-ios-

The logs, please check the log we already provided to Glenn last time, no new logs for this time.

Also, when I include attachment or pic in the message, I will get error blocker “An error occurred: Sorry, you can’t embed media items in a post.”

Hi @deen.prd.admin,

We have investigated the logs you sent and we see that there are 2 different log file names ( & and which app is the one that you are facing the screen sharing issue? In addition to that, we do not see any MobileRTCSharingStatus coming from the logs generated so we will need you to regenerate the log on the device facing this issue and also provide us a video of the device to show the entire screen share issue.

Sorry for the inconvenience on the attachment part. You can upload the video and logs to Google Drive and then share the link with me if it is more convenient on your side or continue to send it to Glenn.

Thank you.

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