Algorithm for Speaker View + Prioritization of Speakers


I am just wondering if anyone could help me with where I could get more information about the algorithms used in Zoom that prioritize certain speakers when in “Speaker View” when several people are talking at the same time?

Also are there any documentation on how the platform chooses who gets in the top window of profiles when a screen is being shared? How does the platform choose who gets to be on the top of the screen and why are the other participants of the call left out?

Any directions on where I could find this information would be extremely appreciated. I am aware that I am probably in the wrong place but I have no idea where to look…

Thank you very much for your time and help.


Hi @piR,

While I’m not sure that we have this information available, I’d recommend reaching out to our Technical Support team here to see if they can shine any more light on this for you.


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