Allow emoji in pre-assigned breakout room names set via API

When I pre-assign breakout rooms by uploading a .CSV file, I can include emoji symbols in the room names and they upload fine and are displayed in the meeting. Downloading the CSV from the Zoom web interface shows the emojis as well.

If I attempt to set the room name to the same string using the API, the emoji shows as “???” instead of the symbol. Downloading the CSV shows literal question marks.

Are emojis being filtered when sent via the API?

Hi @usmtech
I believe this is the expected behavior, we do not support the use of emojis via API.
Feel free to make a feature request for that here:

Can you comment on how you’re transmitting the text value via the API? I was hoping to see mention of charset=utf-8 in the Content-Type header as well as confirmation that the text value is also encoded that way by your application.

We’ve been able to set the meeting topic via the API so that it contains emoji, but we believe Unicode astral characters are not supported by Zoom and are replaced with hyphen-minus characters on their side. We don’t use breakout rooms, so it’s possible that its API might be stricter.

HI, Christopher,
I tried multiple encodings (Latin-1 and UTF-8). When using latin-1, the emoji is encoded in three bytes and shows up as ??? in the Zoom client. When using UTF-8, it expands to 6 bytes and shows up as six ?s in the Zoom Client.
According to Elisa (Zoom tech support), the API doesn’t support emoji’s in breakout room names. So, at her suggestion, I added a feature request. (Thanks Elisa!)


Thanks for clarifying; I wanted to make sure that every transmission step had been given consideration towards character encoding, including your own web server software, web application software, and client software (like a web browser).