CSV pre-assign breakout rooms using account's ID

The CSV file for preassign breakout rooms uses email to identify users. Can we use ID instead?
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Hi @son.nheo35
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Could you please share with me what endpoint are you using ?

Hi, thanks for your reply.
We would like to create a meeting with the pre-breakout room option enabled. The create meeting API allows to specify a rooms field, which is an array of email addresses of participants. Can we use ID as a replacement?

And from the Zoom web portal, when we schedule a meeting from there with the pre-breakout room option, can we use a CSV with ID of participants?

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Hi @son.nheo35
Thanks for sharing more details with me.
So when you create a meeting via API you can enable breakout rooms but and add participants by using their name and email address, you can not use the ID as a replacement. And the same for the webportal, you would need to use email and name of the participant. You can not use the userID

Feel free to make a feature request for that issue here: